The Butchery at Boscastle Farm Shop

We run a herd of 100 pedigree North Devon cows. They calve in March to April & single suckle their calves until November.

The land is HLS (higher level stewardship) & SSSI (site of special scientific interest) with no fertilizers / sprays etc . In winter the cows graze the cliffs for two months , this is with the backing of Natural England & The National Trust.

The females are kept for breeding & the males are sold to Boscastle Farm Shop at 30 -36 months. We grow 30 acres of spring cereals & the grain & straw is used to feed the cattle in the winter. Some cows are out wintered on the corn arises .


All the beef comes from our Ruby Red pedigree herd. All the feed eaten by these animals is grown on the farm. The health of our animals is of a high standard and we ensure the animals have the five freedoms endorsed by the RSPCA. Freedom from hunger, thirst, pain, fear and freedom of movement. Our beef is hung for at least 21 days and has won the National Trust Fine Food Award for 2016. There is a difference – try it and see.


Our lambs are born on the farm and have been reared on grass and ewes milk, receiving only small amounts of home grown supplementary feed. This traditional feeding system gives the meat succulence and flavour, lacking from intensive production systems.


Our pork is sourced from Cornish farms.  The aim was always to produce as much as we could from the Farm. In order to perfect the perfect sausage the ladies have been on various butchery and sausage making courses. They rear their own rare breed pigs and source from other Cornish farms.

Our chicken is free range and also from Cornwall. We do a selection of game.