Boscastle Farm Shop Cornwall

Environmental Responsibility

The Farm is divided into three areas: Hillsborough, The Stitches & Home Farm.


On this 110 acre National Trust Land, We run a herd of 40 pedigree North Devon cows. They calve in March to April & single suckle their calves until November. The land is HLS ( higher level stewardship ) & SSSI ( site of special scientific interest ) with no fertilizers or sprays, etc. In winter the cows graze the cliffs for two months, this is with the backing of Natural England & The National Trust.

The Stitches of Boscastle

The Stitches are one of the very few in the country that still remain as farmable strips of land .With the aid of the N.T & N.E this land is managed on a 6yr rotation system. some stripes are SSSI meadows & are permanent pasture , one meadow being one of the richest hay meadows in the country. The rest of the strips are farmed like so , 3/6 temporary pasture , 2/6 low input cereals & 1/6 fallow . In the winter months we graze the whole Stitches with some pedigree North Devon Cows.

Home Farm

Home Farm is 145 acres of National Trust farmland. We run 60 Pedigree North Devon Cows on a single suckle basis . The females are kept for breeding & the males are sold to Boscastle Farm Shop at 30 -36 months. We grow 30 acres of spring cereals & the grain & straw is used to feed the cattle in the winter. Some cows are out wintered on the corn arishes.

All of  the farm is in HLS, Stewardship Schemes, 50% SSSI status. Natural England are also involved due to the Greater Horseshoe Bat who have a large colonies in the bell free at Minster church which are a very rare and protected species . We are seeing more and more wildflowers and, with a nest box already in place, we are anxiously awaiting the return of the Barn Owls.

As well as looking after our environmental responsibility around the farm, we also recycle paper, cardboard, metal and glass from our shop, cafe and production kitchen, even our tea leaves end up on the garden! We have a water retenuation system, allowing us to use rainwater to flush the toilets.

At Boscastle Farmshop, you’ll find great food from around the corner and not from around the globe.